My goal is to provide my clients with an individualized custom sunless tan while maintaining a natural appearance. You control how dark you want your results to be. I strive to make each client walk out of the salon feeling confident and refreshed.



    After personal trial and error for many years, I created a solution that is not only amazing on sensitive skin, like my own, but is all natural and made with healthy ingredients. The customized blend is organic, paraben free, vegan, and not tested on animals. Only the highest quality organic, natural ingredients are used in the sunless tanning product.


    Solution contains nuts - Please inform us if you have any allergies.

    Special custom nut free blend is available for use.

  • Theresa Caputo

    The Long Island Medium loves to get her glow on every week with Christina for tour, filming, or just because!

    Melly Sanchez


    Celebrity Makeup Artist

    With over one million Instagram followers, Melly choses SunkissedbyChris for her flawless glow.

    Jen Selter

    Celebrity Fitness Model

    We make it easy for Jen to get flawless natural glow for any photoshoot or appearance in the comfort of her own home.

    Nicky & Simone Zimmermann

    Australian Fashion Designers

    Anytime the iconic Zimmermann sisters are in town, we make it easy for them to get glowing in the comfort of their New York City apartment, or home in the Hamptons.

    Serena Bucaj

    Miss New York USA 2016

    "I've never been so happy and satisfied with a spray tan before until I met Chris ! Not only was the process fast and easy, but super convenient since she came out to ME instead of me driving to her. Prom, Easter and wedding season Are around the corner so be sure to give her a call for your next spray!! THANK YOU"

    Geena Cardalena

    Miss Teen New York 2015

    "I've never gotten a tan as natural as the ones I receive from Christina. I instantly become more confident after she sprays me. I feel like I glow from the inside out. Walking on stage i feel confident and flawless. Not only does Christina provide the most amazing spray tans, she is such a pleasure to work with. Every experience with her is fun and enjoyable and she never fails to make me feel extremely comfortable while making me laugh really hard! Thank you Christina for always exceeding my expectations. I will never get a spray tan from anyone but you!"

    Daisy, Bay Shore - New York

    Melanoma Advocate & Educator

    "Hi my name is Daisy, I am 21 years old from Bay Shore, New York. December of 2015, marked a life changing chapter in my 21 years on earth. I went to the dermatologist and my doctor noticed a bump, which resulted in getting a biopsy, the results came back and I had melanoma. Since then my cancer has spread and I'm at stage 3, which means it's spread to my Lymph Nodes. There are scars all over my body, dots, and skin patterns everywhere. I was very ashamed to let anyone see me naked. Christina is the first person to have an organic spray solution without sugar (sugar feeds cancer cells) and based on fruit extracts. She makes me feel so comfortable every time I walk into the salon. I used to tan frequently in tanning beds and I even worked in a tanning salon. The way Christina caters to everyone is unbelievable. She actually cares about the individual, what they want and doesn't judge their appearance but rather tries to help hide any scars and it has truly been an uplifting experience. Everytime I get a tan from SunkissedbyChris I feel so confident and normal. Thank you for everything you have done for the melanoma patients and I everywhere Christina. Your services are unique and you have a beautiful soul."

    Iman - Beauty Guru & Lifestyle Blogger

    "When I used to think about spray-tanning, I would automatically categorize it with orange stained and streaky skin. UNTIL...my skin was kissed by an angel. Sun-kissed that is. I had come across Christina's business page, @sunkissedbychris, on Instagram about a year ago. When I scrolled through her posts I saw so many photos of her beautifully bronzed clients. None of their tans looked orange, or streaky. They all looked flawless, and SO natural! I wanted in. It wasn't long before I booked my first appointment with the gorgeous Christina. And I was NOT disappointed. She makes you feel so comfortable when you're standing in front of her spray gun, all pale and lackluster. Be prepared to make a friend because she is so sweet, warm, and accommodating! After a little girl talk and a few layers of her beautiful airbrush tan, I was done! She let me look in the mirror to see if I was happy with the result, and man was I happy. Right away, it looked like I just stepped off the beach on a far away island. I had to wait 8 hours until I washed my tan off, but to be honest I didn't even want to wash it off. My skin was glimmering all day and had a beautiful sheen from her solution. It was like liquid gold. When the 8th hour struck, I rinsed off the tan to find that my skin was still glimmering! My skin looked so healthy and was shining as if I just applied moisturizer. The brown color of the tan is gorgeous. It was literally my skin but a more enhanced, awake version. I'm telling you Christina's tan will give you exactly what you need to warm up even the coldest of days. The summer feels don't have to end. If it were up to me, I'd be tan all year round. And thanks to the lovely Christina, I can be."

    Sarah, Merrick - New York


    "This color is absolutely perfect for the for all of my photoshoots. You are an airbrush wizard."

    ZTA Sorority

    Sacred Heart University

    Fairfield - Connecticut

    "I found SunkissedByChris during Spring of 2016. I was worried I would look pale for my upcoming sorority formal because I didn't go on vacation for Spring break. I reached out to Christina and she was very quick to respond. She drove all the way from Long Island to our college in Connecticut for our formal. She was especially accommodating to our group of over 20 girls, so the process was quick and easy. Christina made sure every client was satisfied with their experience, asking for follow-ups and pictures from each of us. At first, I was hesitant about getting a spray tan, because I know how easily they can be botched. However, thanks to Christina, I didn't have to go anywhere tropical for Spring break in order to get that perfect glow!"

    Jennifer, West Hempstead- New York

    "As a mom of a 3 year old it is nearly impossible to find the time to lay out and tan,let alone go to a salon. Finding someone who will come to my house to spray me and work around my schedule has been a blessing. Christina makes it easy to keep myself bronzed weekly with out any harmful UV rays. Always accommodating to my hectic schedule."

    Erica, Miami Beach - Florida

    "My name is Erica. I switched to spray tanning from tanning beds after noticing the harm it was doing to my skin. I was getting spray tans on Long Island but in the mechanical spray booths because I have never been that comfortable in front of a stranger to have them spray me. It was always streaky, too orange looking, and just not natural. I had Christina spray me for the first time and was absolutely blown away. It looked so amazing. She made me feel so comfortable and I controlled how dark I wanted to be. It was the best natural and healthy glow. She is now my go-to when I visit New York. I live in Miami but still crave her spray tan, even down here! I love the color of the spray more than the color from the natural sun. It looks beautiful and is way less harmful! Christina has definitely changed the game and has become a great friend. You won't be disappointed!"

    Katerina, Long Island City - New York

    "My name is Katerina, age 26 and I was never a fan of tanning beds. However, nobody wants to look pale when they are going to a special event either. I went spray tanning once before, to very well known establishment and had the worst experience. I came back looking blotchy and orange. Going to Christina was life changing. I went for a spray tan and came back looking like I was sailing the Mediterranean ocean for 3 months. My glow and color was perfection. When people asked me where I vacationed I had to tell them "I didn't. I just had the best spray tan ever!!!!". Christina makes you feel so comfortable. She has the best personality and she's even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside. I would strongly recommend her and her services to anyone that is looking for a sun kissed glow."

    Jess, West Milford - New Jersey

    "I first learned about SunKissedbyChris through her Instagram account, and right when I saw it I was so quickly amazed by her work! Being very fair skinned, having a history of skin cancer in my family, and trying to stay health conscious about my skin- I saw this as the best alternative for getting a healthy, natural bronzed glow for any occasion. Since I am so pale, I was initially nervous about looking 'orange' and 'unnatural.' However, I have gotten numerous spray tans from Christina and each time I always happy with the result. People would even ask me where I went on vacation, it looked that good! Whether it was for Valentine's Day, Spring Break in Mexico or sorority formals, traveling all the way from Connecticut where i attended college was well worth the drive! Christina always makes me feel comfortable when I am being sprayed, and puts 110% into her work."

    Victoria, Long Island City - New York

    "My names Victoria, I'm 26, and finding Christina has been a real blessing! I've been tanning for as long as I can remember in both tanning beds and getting spray tans at tanning salons and I can honestly that say I've never met someone more professional and accomodating than Christina. As someone who just graduated law school my crazy busy schedule wasn't exactly the easist to work around but Christina always made it possible by finding a time that works for me, whether it was super early in the morning or late at night. As a matter of fact before my graduation which happened to overlap with Memorial Day Weekend, she changed around her own personal plans to make sure I had the perfect tan for my big day-- which I got compliments on all weekend! She truly cares about her clients and will go above and beyond for each of them."

    Marissa, Port Washington - New York

    "Hi! My name is Marissa Petrone I am 20 years old from Long Island. SunKissedbyChris changed my life for the better in many ways. I would always get spray tans from salons out on the island and was never satisfied with any of their jobs. There was always something wrong. Either i was too orange, too light, streaky, and just didn't look natural. When I was introduced to SunKissedbyChris all of these problems went away. Christina performs a job like no other. Her solution is so natural and organic and makes you feel like you just got back from vacation. She gives you such a natural glow! Every time I get a spray from Christina I am more than satisfied! I am always getting compliments now on who does my weekly sprays. SunKissedbyChris has made a huge impact on my life, who doesn't love a natural glow ?!"



    Together, we are one step closer to a cure.

    It is my mission to raise donations on behalf of the battling, the survivors, and the fallen.

      Together we can raise awareness - stay safe, get checked.






    • Please do not forget to exfoliate the area to be treated 24 hours prior to your appointment. The most important pre-tan step is to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation is a natural skin process that occurs daily. Different areas of the skin exfoliate at different rates. If exfoliation is skipped or not done properly, sunless application will be applied to the dead skin cells that will naturally shed causing discoloration and blotchiness. (A sea-salt or sugar scrub and an exfoliating mitt gives you the best results.)
    • Recommended Exfoliators: Fresh Brown Sugar Scrub, or Soap and Glory Flake Away.
    • Recommended Exfoliation Tools: Exfoliation Gloves or a Brush.
    • Please allow at least 4 hours in between your shower and your spray tan, this time period allows the skin to be fully dry and prepped for your appointment. Sometimes your tan has a chance of not sticking if you shower too close to your appointment.
    • Hair removal should be done at least 12 hours in advance. 
    • Please be sure to show up to your appointment with no make up, lotions, deodorant or perfumes. They create a barrier that prevents absorption of your sunless tan and also cause discoloration. 
    • Garments worn during your session determine tan lines. Bathing suit, strapless bras, no bra, and/or g-string thongs are highly recommended.
    • Dark loose clothing should be worn to your appointment, spray tan solution does come off when laundered . Tight clothing that rubs against skin interferes with the absorption process. Please avoid wearing only zip up sweatshirts with no shirt underneath, if metal touches the skin after your appointment it can cause blotching and discoloration.
    • Please have your manicure/pedicure done prior to your session. Otherwise, inform your nail salon that you would like a polish change without water, lotions, or oils.




    • Please avoid contact with any water and refrain from physical activity that may cause you to sweat until rinsing. 
    • Please avoid touching any part of your body until your first rinse, it can cause discoloration of the palms and fingertips.
    • Showering is strongly recommended at least 8-12 hours after your Signature Solution spray tan for optimal results- the longer you wait, the darker the shade. 
    • Showering is strongly recommended at least 4 hours after your spray tan when using the 4 hour Rapid Solution.
    • Showering is strongly recommended at least 2 hours after your spray tan when using the 2 hour Rapid Solution.
    • Your first shower should be a body rinse,  rinse until the water becomes clear. Use soap in places minimally as needed. Avoid scrubbing or the use of any exfoliants where solution has been applied for the duration of your spray tan. 
    • Recommended Body Wash: Cetaphil, Shea Moisture Body Wash, Puracy Natural Body Wash.
    • Moisturizers: Cera Ve, Coconut Oil, Shea Moisture Body Lotion, Hempz, Alba Botanica.
    • Sunscreens:  Alba Very Emollient Sunscreen SPF 30, Fragrance Free, Coola Suncare, EltaMD, Sun Bum
    • Do not apply oils, fragrance directly onto the skin, exfoliators, anti-aging lotions (AHAs, BHAs, salicylic acid, and retinoids) They will lift your tan, cause discoloration and fading. 
    • If you must shave, be gentle and do not press hard on the skin or use any shaving cream. 
    • Remember to pat dry after your shower - do not rub the towel on your skin. 
    • Moisturize at least twice a day after your first rinse with oil free moisturizer, and keep hydrated. For best results, use oil free lotion and sunscreen. These can be applied after your initial rinse. These are major factors in maintaining your beautiful sunless glow for 8-16 days. 





    Single Session Signature Solution Tan

    Full Body - $75+tax

    Half Body - $45+tax


    Single Session Rapid Four Hour Solution Tan

    Full Body - $95+tax

    Half Body - $55+tax


    Single Session Rapid Two Hour Solution Tan

    Full Body - $115+tax

    Half Body - $58+tax


    In Home Airbrush Session

    $350 + depending upon your location












    Three Sessions - $185+tax

    Five Sessions - $315+tax

    Ten Sessions - $665+tax

    Twelve Sessions - $800+tax



    Three Sessions - $230 +tax

    Five Sessions - $395+tax

    Ten Sessions - $865+tax

    Twelve Sessions - $990+tax


    Three Sessions - $295+tax

    Five Sessions - $485 +tax

    Ten Sessions - $950+tax

    Twelve Sessions -$1000+tax








    Student Discount: 10% off any tan or package.

    Must show a valid high school/college id

  • Appointments

    • We are located at 6 George Street, Manhasset, New York 11030 and work by appointment only.
    • Pre booking one-two months in advance is highly recommended.
    • Booking your session one-two days prior to your event is recommended.
    • The difference between all of the options are the amount of time you wait until your first shower.
    • When booking an appointment for someone else please input their information not yours.
    • For house calls and group sessions please call or text 516-698-9802 your location for a quote.






    Starting a Business

    • The proven step by step roadmap to start a spray tan business.
    • Startup Costs.
    • The equipment that is essential to your business.
    • How to start mobile/part-time.
    • How to effectively price your services and products.


    • How to get your first clients
    • How to provide amazing service and turn customers into walking, talking marketing machines.
    • How to wield the power of social media.
    • How to exponentially grow your customer base over time.
    • How to keep clients for the long term.

    Hands on Training

    • Learn directly with Chris.
    • Discover a professional spray technique to help you confidently spray ANY client.
    • Build your confidence!

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    Pre booking two-three months in advance for larger groups or holiday season is highly recommended.

    Available for travel nationwide.