Please do not forget to exfoliate the area to be treated 24 hours prior to your appointment. The most important pre-tan step is to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation is a natural skin process that occurs daily. Different areas of the skin exfoliate at different rates. If exfoliation is skipped or not done properly, sunless application will be applied to the dead skin cells that will naturally shed causing discoloration and blotchiness. (A sea-salt or sugar scrub and an exfoliating mitt gives you the best results.)


    Recommended Exfoliator: https://shopskbc.com/collections/body/products/skbc-scrub-me

    Recommended Exfoliation Tool: https://shopskbc.com/collections/body/products/skbc-exfoliation-mitts


    Please allow at least 5 hours in between your shower and your spray tan, this time period allows the skin to be fully dry and prepped for your appointment

    . Sometimes your tan has a chance of not sticking or being blotchy if you shower too close to your appointment.


    Hair removal should be done at least 24 hours in advance. 


    Please be sure to show up to your appointment with no make up, lotions, deodorant or perfumes. They create a barrier that prevents absorption of your sunless tan and also cause green discoloration.


    Garments worn during your session determine tan lines. Bathing suit, strapless bras, no bra, and/or g-string thongs are highly recommended.


    Dark loose long pants and shirts or a loose dress should be worn to your appointment (avoid tight elastic bands around the waist and ankles), spray tan solution does come off clothing when laundered. Tight clothing that rubs against skin such as tank tops, yoga pants, and jeans interferes with the absorption process. Please avoid wearing only zip up sweatshirts with no shirt underneath, if metal touches the skin after your appointment it can cause blotching and discoloration. No bra should be worn after, bras can cause lines to form.

    Flip flops are best, socks/sneakers can cause color to fade after your session.

    Always have an umbrella even on a sunny day.


    Please have your manicure/pedicure done prior to your session. Otherwise, inform your nail salon that you would like a polish change without water, lotions, alcohols, or oils.